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I have a fairly new montior, it is not a flat screen its pretty big, its a 19". I had xp installed on my computer and it worked fine. I got a new hard drive and installed it, then put windows 2k on it and now the screen has like a fairly light greenish brown spot that just runs slowly down the right hand side of the screen, like it is refreshing wierd. please help. I also tried playing a game and it looks like its vibrating to the right and left. I tried changing the refresh rate and it didnt do anything, and reinstalling my graphics drivers.


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Do you have a speaker next to the screen? The magnetic field generated by that would be the cause of the problem. Also, if your pc is next to the screen, the magnetics from the hd/psu could be the culprit. And if you have a fan on or near your desk, that could be a problem.

If you feel that this is completely unrelated to your problem, then oops.

But my old video card (fx5500) would literally paint the screen green at random moments throughout the day, its favorite times included in the mos timprotant battle of a game, the climax of a game, or when i was about to save a project. It looked as if someone had a huge green brush, and it would do random up, down, and diagonal motions until the whole screen was green. So i got a new vid card. Now its fine.
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