Great HDD recovery software


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Hey guys. Just thought I'd share this with you.

Having killed all the partitions on my harddrive due to a failed Linux escapade (not going to go into too much detail), I lost all my really really important file. Inlcuding all my current uni work, family's documents (I was storing them on this PC while I was reformatting the family computer) and music etc.

What a nightmare, especially as my dads a manager and would actually go as far as offering me a round outside if I lost his work.

So, with a cold sweat and a shiver, I stormed the internet looking for a program that could reconstruct my partitions and restore as many files as possible. then I came across Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS. What a life saver. I'm running it within windows and it's managed to find loads of old partitions, even from years ago. Obviously, the younger the overwriting partition, the better chance you have of extracting your files as there less likely to have been physically overwriting by files in a newer partition.

So, I've scanned the drive, found the partition I need, and currently it's extracted 9862 files out of 66523, so it's still got a long way to go. It's doing the job nicely though with no hiccups. A bit slow, but I guess I would be too looking for 66523 needles in a barn full of haystacks.

Anyway, just thought all you techies out there looking for decent software to recover deleted/overwritten partitions and files would like a snoop at it. Comes in very handy for those making money out of fixing and recovering PC's.

The homepage is here


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I prefer getdataback, its never let me down yet.:)

Glad you got it sorted anyway.