Graphics go 'glitchy' while playing games

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I bought a new graphics cards a few months ago and when i'm playing high-ish spec games such as Tomb Raider.. Battlefield 2 etc after a short amount of time the graphics start to spaz out and go all glitchy. It doesn't do it with low spec games, such as Fifa 06 and other games that generally aren't as graphically demanding. The games run smooth and fine, no lag.. just this annoying graphic problem.

Somebody suggested maybe the cards over-heating or something. Well, i gave the graphics card a clean and the fan and tried the game the moment my computer started up so it was cool. It still happened, after around the same amount of time, the graphics spazzed out again. So.. i was going to get a new fan but i don't think it would do anything.

It's weird, sometimes it kicks in more on a certain camera angle in the game. If i change the angle it may get worse, better or go completely for a while just by moving the camera angle around. But usually once it starts it gradually gets worse and worse.

Once i restart the game it's fine again untill after a short period it will do it again, and again..

I'm not sure what to do. It can't be that its over-heating.

These are my specs:

Any help is appreciated!


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i say overheating. But Try drivres like nitestick said.

Also it could be what your settings are in the game. That happend to me and i turned my settings down in video walla! no more :D

But hope this helps
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