Graphics Cards


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As a complete n00b to computers, and buying my first for myself ever I need some advice on graphics cards.

The laptop im looking to buy is the HP DV2175EA, seen here

This comes with the 128MB nVidia GeForce Go 7200 Graphics card. How capable will that make me with gaming, and also what sort of graphics cards updates will I be left with if i want to update?

Not really knowing what is a good, and what isnt a good graphics card obviously maked this hard for me, but spending £900 I wouldnt mind knowing what i'm in for.

Thanks in advance, Mark


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hey mark you should take a look at the dv6000t, it comes with an nvidia 7400 with 256mb, that would be quite a graphics card, i had an nvidia 5200 128mb, and it ran battlefield 2 on low, so either of those should do pretty good, im not so sure about the newest games, but they shouldnt be bad, that dv2000 looks like a pretty good deal with 2gigs of ram and 120gb hd, i think you'll like it! i just ordered a dell 1501, not here yet, but ill test some games, and let you know how it does in case you had any interest in dell's, good luck finding your new addition