Graphics Cards vs. Vista


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Hello. I've owned a Nvidia graphics card for my computer for over 4 years. Since the beginning, I've been having problems with the computer blacking out of periods as long as 30 seconds and then resuming to normal. After research, Ive come to the conclusion that there is no available fix because Nvidia is stupid.... My question is, do ATI graphics cards run with Vista? Or am I basically screwed? I run a Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT on Vista 32-bit.

Hoping I can play a single fu*king online game without having crash on me for 30 seconds again,


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I've ran Nvidia graphics cards for near ten years now and haven't had the problems you have been experiencing. What makes you think it's solely related to the video card?
^ You can't blame a singularity on an entire company. You should update the video drivers and see if the problem is still going on. It could be just that this video card has ran its life. Or, it could be your processor. Java was crashing consistently on me a couple months ago, and I figured out that I had left my processor overclocked too long and too high, so my processor was going bye-bye. There are many factors that should be put into consideration.