graphics card for halo 2 vista


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hi, i have just built my own computer for the main reason to play halo 2. anyway it plays halo 2 but only just about on the lowest graphical setting with some lag. could someone recommend me a graphics card that will play it ok on a higher graphical setting, my budget is £100 / $200 and i would preferably want it off ebay.

by the way my pc specs are as folows:
amd athlon 3800+ x2 x64 (each core 2ghz)
2gb ddr ram
256mb graphics card (cost me £40 so cant be that good)
some sound card with 7.1 surround sound
windows vista x64

a quick response would be much appreciated, ty


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i wouldn't buy one off of ebay, you never know what you might get.

and a question, does your PC have an AGP or a PCI-E slot?


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ebay is ok you know, as long as you buy from trusted sellers i.e. with 1000+ feedback etc. my current gaphics card came from ebay its it was ok.

anyways its a pci express slot. if you can provide any alternatives to ebay that sells graphics cards in the uk cheaply please do say so!!:D


Just because youve got a 256Mb card doesnt mean it's any good. I've got one with 256Mb and it barely displays the xp desktop properly let alone play any games and for £40 it's probably a load of ass

Try searching ebay for used pci-express cards then if youve got a pci-express slot. Dont worry about feedback because there are first time sellers with no feedback who are 100% honest ya know


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256 is listed on the internet as the minimum GPU memory,
with 512 listed as recommended,

that's for a game now.

in any situation it'll always be better to try to future proof a little.
so I'd recommend getting a bigger memory than that. (what's the point in getting something that is just recommended as good enough for the games out today? what about the games tomorrow).

sadly a future proof card is about twice your budget (new)

fantastically enough though, this comes in at half of your budget.


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yay! thank you very much!!

unfortunately the £60 1gb card from ebay gets its majority of memory from the system memory through turbo cache which isnt that gr8, also it dosent support directx 10 :(

the expensive one on the other hand which would be perfect for me is too expensive, lol. i guess that im either going to have to get a lower spec card or start saving up more money.

thanks anyways guys!!

Edit: just in case if anyone is looking @ this thread with the same question as me i just found a 1gb card for a good price and it isnt that turbo cache crap