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I have an overclocked TNT2 (from 120/125 to 140/145) and I want to know if there is a way to get a temperature reading on the GPU/card. I have an ECS P4IBMS mobo, and I run Hardware Monitor for CPU and mainboard temps, but I want to get temps on the vid card so I don't fry it.
unfortunatly I cant find one. That doesnt mean its not out there, but its not gonna be easy to find. There IS software that will check it, but nogo for me.
Generally your vid card will come with software on the drver's CD.....that is if your video card is setup for monitoring. Some video card manufacturers removed the monitoring hardware from the chipset for some stupid reason. If your card isn't setup to be monitored, than you cannot get the GPU temp and/or fan speed
hmmm well ill begin with my comps 512 ram, 30 gig hd and 2ghz..... i was just wondering if i can overclock it and if i can how much and how lol
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