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Hey everyone. I was just browsing my NVidia monitor settings when I realized that there was a temperature read-out, and I got a bit worried. I don't have problems with my card at all, but it's IDLING 65 DEGREES! Is that normal?

It's a 7g00GT PCI-X


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My 7900GT is idling at 50C, well it was 55C before but i added an 80mm fan blowing air... and it gets 70C load :shocked: and i cant even get the heatsink off cause the screws are on so tightly so no changing to aftermarket or at least adding some AS5!@!


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Im planning on watercooling this thing soon, I dont think the fan they provide them is powerful enough, i get the odd artifact now and then during games due to high temps(atleast thats what i think it is).
All of my PCI slots are uncovered, I cant think of anything else to do to hold me off.

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pfft thats nothing...:)

Im not even allowed to game, my 7900 GT idles at 70 74 becuase all the as5 came off when I took my broken vf700 off and when I put the stock back on my god. Its scary....vf900 is coming monday and some as5 and that 2 step removal stuff...

I ran a VGA stress test (program that tests stability) and my god It was scary.

Jumped up to high 80's! so I quit the program and it went back down to low 70's high 60's..

funny thing is it used to idle at 41 with my vf700 but now that its out of the picture im stuck with this stock cooler.

But I put a 80 mm blower on it and its down to 67 idle...

PZEROFGH Im pretty sure the screws are stripped...

good luck man
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