GPU not being detected anymore...


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I'm going to list my computer specs first as this usually is needed the most in these cases

CPU: i7-4770k Stock 3.5ghz
MB: AS ROCK z78 extreme4 1150 socket
RAM: Kingston HyperX 8gb 2400mhz
GPU: AMD R9 290 4gb GDDR5 Gigabyte
PSU: Corsair 700W bronze
SSD: Kingston HyperX 124gb
HD: 2TB Seagate Barracuda
Case: Cooler Master Haf-XM
Extras: CPU cooler H110, GPU cooler Kraken G10 with H75

Right, so hopefully that is all the information you need about my systems hardware!

So, here is my issue; I have wanted to change the stock cooler on my GPU for a long time, this is due to the loud nature of the fan on the card itself (as well as the temperatures it hits).

My solution to this was to install a Kraken G10 (bracket that allows a closed looped water cooler attach to the card) paired with the H75 (corsair) water cooler.

Before the installation, the card has ran as normal as it had from the beginning, nothing odd happening at all.

5 months or so later I finally come round to upgrading to the G10 water cooling bracket.

The installation (although a little fiddly) went smoothly and allowed me to install it without any problems, however, once I began running games such as world of warcraft or battlefield 4, after about 1 minute to about 10 minutes (changed each time) the monitors would all cut out (I use 3), then I would hear a very long repeated tone through my headphones, It sounded as if the last noise was repeated at a very fast speed.

I would then be forced to hard reset the computer, and then go about what I was doing before, until it repeated in games.
I tried solving this, firstly I used MSI afterburner and reduced the power limit to -15 ( I do not know what from, but the scale was unidentified).

This fixed the issue, until I decided to add 5 more power onto it to reduce it to -10 instead of -15 (it was originally set at 0).

Then when i proceeded to go on Battlefield with the lesser reduced power limit to the card, it cut out on me, again.

However, this time, my monitors and MB no longer recognise my GPU! Even though it was on a default setting of 0 originally and still turned back on to normal.

Firstly I changed PCI ports to the one beneath the original, the GPU was recognised, however I needed to reinstall the drivers for the GPU.

But yet again it crashed, and would not be recognised in this port. However, this time I changed port to the bottom and it was not recognising it.

After many reboots it is not recognised by the MB. (I have used the onboard graphics in order to enter BIOS and select PCI only for the graphics display, this has not helped)

One more thing to note is the GPU is still getting power as I plugged the stock cooler fan into the onboard power slot on the card and it started up when I powered the computer on.

I have not tried to test the GPU in another PC as of yet, due to the lack of people at my university accommodation not having sufficient desktop MB's.

I am sorry for the long winded explanation, but to those of you who do answer these forum questions, all the information you can get is best I think!

Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to any answers!!

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Hi, it does sound as if the chip on the GPU has not made a good contact with the cooler and over heated. running games with out good cooling has just pushed it too far. under volting it just made it run a little cooler and prolong its life a for a short time.
its unlikely that all the PCIe slots are faulty so I recon your card has died.
hope you get back up and running soon


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I'd feel inclined to agree with extreme machines guy.

Also, when you were stripping the card down did you ground yourself to avoid static discharge? I killed a GTX280 once because I was crawling around on a carpet in shorts, stripping the card down on my bed...

Remember, a component can be destroyed with a static discharge lesser than what we can feel, so even if you did not notice a discharge it's still possible that it's happened.