GPU difference.


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I'm sure this is a silly question, but I've searched through Google as well as these forums, and I can't seem the find the answer that makes sense to me. So here it is. Recently my Nvidia 9800 GT fried on my XPS630i. Dell won't replace the card, so I figured I would just buy one off of ebay and install it myself. I found an EVGA 9800 gt for $50. My question is, is the EVGA fine to use in my machine vs. the Nvidia? What I think I understand about it, is that the cards have minor differences from one manufacturer to others such as clock speed, but they're still using the same technology and that it would be ok to use the EVGA one in my machine. I'm not looking for anything overclocked, and I'm totally fine using the standard Nvidia factory settings, so it's really just an issue of getting the same card at a good price for me. Also, would I need to download EVGA drivers, or would the Nvidia drivers I have work? Thanks.


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your good. the differences are minor, and in most cases you won't even notice there is a different card in there.