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I have recently purchased AutoRoute 2005 for Windows XP, this software works with a GPS device however i am not sure on where or which one to buy. I have a laptop so the GPS card or device would have to be compatiable with both AutoRoute and a laptop running Windows XP.

Any help would be greatly appricated.
It's not a GPS card, it's the little hand held device. You get them, and they hook up through your serial or usb port. Believe it or not, GPS' still mainly use serial ports. Althought I'm sure the new, and very expensive ones use USB.

I'm not sure about the different GPS' and what they are compatible with. I know that Garmin are a lot like Palms, in that you can only use Garmin software with them. You can load third party software to them, but only to an extent. Magellan is one of the huge ones, and I would believe that they are compatible with most programs. I'm sure in the documentation for AutoRoute 2005 it tells you which GPS devices it is compatible with. Or start to scour the internet, I'm sure the website for the GPS will tell you what it is compatible with.
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