Got my MS Beta Kit today

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Fully Optimized
It includes:

MS Office 2003 Demo CD
MS Office 2003 Evaluation CD
MS Office 2003 Developer Resource CD
MS Office 2003 Language Pack CD 1
MS Office 2003 Language Pack CD 2
MS Office 2003 (Actual CD)
MS Publisher 2003
MS FrontPage 2003
MS InfoPath 2003 (New)
MS Windows SERVER 2003 (w00t!!!)
MS Windows SharePoint Server
MS SharePoint Portal Server v2.0
MS OutLook 2003 with Business Contact Manager
MS Exchange Server 2003
MS OneNote 2003 (New)

The things with (New) are new programs that will come with Office 2003. I will keep all you "hardcore geeks" up-tp-date.

If anyone else is a beta tester, contact me please:
ICQ 51353034
Yahoo stk79
Nice!!!!! Let us know what you think of them!
Well, I just got MS Windows SERVER 2003 installed and I am actually using it right now.

Regular windows installation, easy. Very clean. Very professional looking. So far so good.

Next is MS Office 2003 then MS Outlook 2003.

I will give alittle update after each installation.
MS Office 2003 installed. Flawless. Very sleek, colorful, but not overboard. Easy installation.

MS Outlook 2003 installed. Also, very nice. Different layout. Instead of window panes vertical, they are horizontal, ie. side-by-side. Also, colorful, but once again, not over board. Easy installation.
go to their website and sign up, cross your fingers and hope your picked.
Well, I just spent the last couple of hours playing with office and I have to say that I am peasently suprised.

Even though it is beta, it works flawlessly and is very clean and fun to use.

FrontPage 2003 has no real change.

The *new* programs are next.
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