Got mouse problems .... heeelllllppp please

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I am having mouse troubles, it keeps slowing down, sometimes to the point of the cursor freezing on the desktop. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with this please?
It is a Logitech Optical mouse, I am running XP Pro and have 655 megs ram.
I have now formatted, tried it with no drivers for a couple hours, installed the latest drivers, used CleverCache and it's still doing it. Oh even tried a red mouse mat lol.
Have updated my bios to.
I have noticed one thing, when I play a game like Hoyles Board Games it works lovely, but when I play something larger like Battle Realms or load a few web pages it mucks up, and the weird thing is that it seems to be mainly on the right hand side of the monitor area, which reminds me, it is a new monitor - Packard Ball, (don't know if it could be a conflict?
Does this help anyone?
what are the other specs of your computer?
Celeron 850
30 gig HD
655 meg ram
Assus 7100 g2mx400 vid card
soudblaster live 5.1
packard bell pnp monitor
and a third cdr that I haven't put in and shows up everywhere lol

thanks again
hmm, sounds like it could be a couple things. Your video card comes to mind, but there are alot of things it could be, try lowering your screen resolution and color depth to see if it still does it, also, see if there are new drivers for the vid card and the motherboard. If you can, you may need to try switching out hardware, one piece at a time, first mouse, then vid card, and I would even try pulling out ram sticks one at a time.
I have got the latest drivers for everything, including Bios, it wasn't that. I was wondering if it was a hardware conflict.
Also, thought about trying 98se and see if that helps. I'd rather try ideas first then then have to format

I just formatted and put 98 on. Weird thing happened, the Soundblaster drivers didn't install properly, so when I tried to play a game it was without sound but the mouse worked flawlessy. Fixed up the Soundblaster and it's gone back to troubles again. Must be a conflict, just have to figure out how to fix it now.
Update time lol

I have been real busy trying to figured this darned thing out. Have installed Windows without the network card, installed with a different soundcard, and just bought a standard PS2 ball mouse, nothing has solved the problem. The only other card is my video card, could this be it? I hope not, that is a bit too expensive to replace. Like I said before I didn't have the trouble anywhere near as much with 98se when I tried that (ME has been the worst so far) but I don't want to go back, I had to reboot 5 times in the day that I tried it
it is you usb
put the usb-ps2 adapter that came with the optical mouse and plug it into your ps2 port
problem solved
this is the easiest solution by the way but at least you wont have the mouse probs anymore
It is a USB problem but I can't figure out how to fix cause my modem is USB as well. Thanks froggie
Thanks to everyone who tried to help with my computer slowing problem, after all this time I have finally fixed it. It was one of the three sticks of RAM I was using, two were one brand, the third was a no-name brand, this was what caused the problem

It's a full day and no slowdowns, usually they start straight away so it loooks like that might have been the problem, RAM was the one thing I never thought of lol

Thank you very much for that, muchly appreciated
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