Got a few troubles, need help!!!

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Hello, I have started having trouble with my comp ever since i let my sister in law use it (bad move i know)

I have a few things that are going wrong so i will list the most recent ones:

d01fc7d6.exe i dont know what this is, it keeps wanting to access the internet so for now i have denied it access till i can find out what it is and how to get rid of it.

trojan horse dialer.BTG this keeps getting picked up by AVG when im on the internet, it always has that trojan horse dialer.BTG underneath it but the other bit changes, ive cleared all temp filels and it keeps coming back.

I will run hijackthis and see if i can find anything in there, if not, as much help as i can get would be appreciated.

Im currently running AVG free, Zonealarm, i have Windows Defender, Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE,
try these online scans:


trend micro:

then uninstall your virus scanner and install each one of these and run a full system scan. Make sure to uninstall each one after its finished and run them in safe mode.





then try these syware cleaners again in safe mode and full system scans.


advanced spyware remover:

windows defender (need real copy of windows to work)

download this program to clean your temp files and registry:


then run hijackthis and create a log file then post what it says:
might have gone overboard :p although I haven't seen a sticky with such info. Which is a shame because warez monster and microbell post some great basic solutions for people with virus and spyware problems, and it should be a sticky.

EDIT: ok there is a sticky with such info but it isnt great compared to the all mighty microbell
DeToX22 said:

Im currently running AVG free, Zonealarm, i have Windows Defender, Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE,

I strongly recommend you run some online scans like housecall etc but also download a trial of a commercial anti-virus program. AVG doesn't have particularly great patterns so you need to pull in the big guns.

E.g. Kaspersky, NOD32, PCcilin (trend) et al

I also suggest you download and run Ewido, its a great supplement to a core anti-virus program and specialises in malware.

Also if you go to one of the many online virus encyclopeidas and search for your virus names you might find removal instructions.

If your scans pick up the virus but it keeps coming back then concider clearing system restore and also getting a rootkit scanner e.g. blacklight or rootkit revealer.
It might be d01fc7d6.exe as iv searched google and some things do look simliar. Although Im not 100% certain. So get a hijackthis log on here asap :) not that im great at reading those heh.

yes NOD32 and Kaspersky are both excellent but I use all the free ones and they do fine with me. The ones that are not free I use their online scans saves me buying their products :). Then if their online scan finds something and all the free ones don't then i would considering purchasing them.

I would run all of these each anti virus seems to find something another one wouldn't.

Bit Defender

Always remember the best way to stop a virus,trojan or spyware is to not let them into your system in the first place :).

These help protect your system not sure they`ll help now though but still worth having:

spyware blaster (stops hijacking of your browser and blocks spyware):

spyware guard (real time monitoring for suspicious behaviour):

And as mrcoffee said try rootkitrevealer and blacklight Just hope you dont have a rootkit its a far more dangerous beast.
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