Got a few questions many of you can probably answer


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I'm not the biggest wiz on computers but I'm not completely oblivious to some basic things.

So, I want to buy an external hard drive for my home computer and I want to be able access the information on the drive from anywhere I am with my laptop, which would probably have to be via internet.

But, I'm hoping I can have it a certain way. Hopefully it will be possible.

1) I want to be able to open the hard drive from say, "My Computer" or a separate folder or just somewhere on my laptop.

2) If I am going to be looking at the hard drive from my laptop, which will most likely be via internet, I don't want my hard drive being broadcasted through like a website. I want both of my computers to be safe

3) I also want to be able to have full user access to the drive. I want to be able to erase and/or add files

Im not sure if I missed anything so feel free to ask questions if you think it will help me.

Once again thank you very much for reading and helping.


Nobody can answer even a little bit of my question? Wow.

I gotta find some more forums to post this question, hopefully someone can answer it.

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Check into the Hamachi VPN. Its free and it would let you do everything you described. I have used it a couple of times for various reasons and it works great.

It’s a small client that you would put on both machines to set up the VPN once the VPN is connected you would map a drive just like if you computer was setting on the same network. No one else will be able to access your computer unless you give them the VPN passphrase.

The free version will work for you.


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A NAS drive like I have can be accessed anywhere. You get you ISP to put you on a static IP address. Might pay a couple of dollars extra but if you really need to do this it's minor. Next when you're on a static IP you should have 5 IP addresses that come with the extra money you're paying.
Get one out of the list activated and get the gateway IP, subnet mask and the dns server IP's. Program those in to the NAS.
Now the fun part.
You have to have a switch connected to the modem. Connected to the switch will be the NAS and the router you're using. The router has one IP and the NAS has another. Both can get online at any time in that configuration.
To access the NAS you can either map the drive on your laptop or ftp in. I go either way on mine. Just don't hand out your NAS address and you're relatively safe.
I have a NAS-100 I got from a company here local. They don't ship but here's the addy just the same. Look in drive enclosures under 3.5" drives. It's called Speed Dragon.
But whatever route you go, shop carefully. There's some real crap out there.


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A openVPN solution is also free and would work in this case =)

I would be leery of setishock's solution. Putting a NAS on a public IP is just asking for trouble. There are plenty of script kiddies that know how nmap works. =(