Got a Call to set up a job interview... Research pays! -SCAM!

SetFocus is probably a scam. The jobs they advertise do not exist.

The funny part is that the person that respond to me used very poor writing to respond to my requests. I was simply asking if the jobs existed. The tell tale clue of a scam was that the job requirements were not available.

Setfocus appears to be a scam.
SetFocus is a training program - like a technical school. They are shady IMO because they specifically target people looking for work on Monster and Careerbuilder. They respond acting like they are looking for employees, when in fact they are just looking for students. They then try to lure you in with talks about after their program they have 99% employment rate for students.

While i don't have anything against tech schools in general - this one has some extremely shady practices.
I'll put in my two cents, since I have been looking for work and have come across some of these people. New Horizons is a school that trains you to get a slew of certs and promises that you'll get a job after the first few months. Costs a fortune, too. They make it sound like you're going in for an interview to get a job and then throw a salesman at you. I didn't like the guy, could tell he's a sleaze. They have A+ rating from better business bureau, though, whatever that means.

Also, I actually went to a couple interviews with this "sports marketing" pyramid scam company. Complete waste of time. You bother people at retail stores. Eventually, you're supposed to set up you're own office and company.
Yeah, the boot camp type schools that do a brain dump for a week or two and then get you to pass a certification test then send you out into the real world are crazy expensive.

A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau just means that they don't have any complaints.
Reminds me of a similar one that went rampant around here.... Selling knives. I forgot what company was doing this though... began with a V.

Anyways... So many people got caught up in that. Spend hundreds on knives. Now they have a surplus of knives.

Same goes for that makeup pyramid scheme... these girls buy hundreds in makeup and in a few months time they have hundreds in old, unused makeup!
When I was looking for work and going on job websites, I got quite a few calls and emails like that. The first call I got was for an "account manager." Sounds pretty good, right? I do have management experience, so that wasn't concerning. After googling the company name, I found out that an account manager for that company is a door to door salesman selling internet/tv/phone bundles. You have to use your own phone and car at your own cost, and you only make commission. I don't know if that was a pyramid scheme but it sure seemed like it. I cancelled my interview.

Sometimes they are recruiters for staffing agencies, which aren't scams but which have the potential to really screw you over. There are reputable temp agencies, but they don't cruise job sites looking for desperate people to call and they don't misrepresent themselves.
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