gost car


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Wow, but couldve been done in finalcut pro ya know, I swear you cant believe anything online anymore, to many good editors, and good editing programs...


In Runtime
What if the fence lifted up and went back down. but still that looks werid
Edit: they see an intact fence but that could mean the fence is still standing.


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Lac3y said:
maybe the car hit the fence but the fence sprang back up?
The fence would have seen moving when the cop car stoped at the fence it was like 2 sec


Daemon Poster
he just went to the left of the part where the cop car was looking, i'll bet there was no fence there, the cop goes to the right of where the car went.


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No, I think the car just battered over the fence, the fence sprang back up, and the car turned off engine and lights so the cops couldn't see or hear it.

I don't think it was ghosts, myself.