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I have created a multi-tab Google Sheets document. I would like to maintain a certain font and font size each and every time I edit the document or those who have access edit it. For some reason I am having great difficulty as it seems to revert back to Arial 10 often. How can I create a default that will stay put? I am sure that by highlighting all existing data, I can switch it to the default of my choice. it is the new entry material that doesn't seem to want to stick to a default I have chosen. Any support would be great, thanks!


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If you want to have always a certain size and font of the text you have to put those criteria as default. I will tell you about the option of creating your theme on google sheets. Below are the steps to create your custom theme and set the default font:
  1. Fire up your browser and open a new Google Spreadsheet.
  2. Click on the ‘Format’ option in the menu.
  3. Select ‘Theme’ from the sub-menu. This will open the ‘Themes’ side panel on the right where you can see the Themes box. In this box, you will see previews for each Theme, that you can quickly select and edit.
  4. Since we want to customize our own them, click on any theme (except the default ‘Sheets Classic’ theme) and then click on the ‘Customize’ button.
  5. You can see options to change the font, text color, chart settings, etc. Select the font that you want to use as your default from the drop-down. In this example, I’ve chosen the ‘Georgia’ font.
  6. Click on ‘Done’.
If you check the font tool now, you will find your chosen font as the selected default.
  1. Save this spreadsheet with the name ‘My Custom Theme’. This theme will have all your customized fonts, colors, styles, and other settings.
  2. Every time you need to use this layout, simply:
  • Open the file ‘My Custom Theme’
  • Make a copy of the file with a new name and use it as any regular Google Sheet.
You will find the default font set to your favorite one.
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