Google gives $$$ away


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With so many webmasters on here, its a shame to miss out on this, so if you dont ask get, you don't get.

If anyone hasnt signed up yet for google adsense (which there cant be many of you), there is now a referal button, which will give $100 after the referal makes there first $100

if you are thinking of signing up then why not keep the benefits amongst us here.

I'll start it off with my button on my Google review site - just click the button on the left hand side


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if you are a web master
you can earn $$$ from google ads
if you havent signed up yet, then Google is now paying webmaster $100 for new referalls


May i tell you something.

Learn more about the google give away, you have to do more then just be a webmaster.


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I use google adsense myself, and I guess this is pretty new, but anyways, google wouldn't make you do more then just be a webmaster, what I think Zane is trying to say (wow, he saying something!) is that when you make $100, after he refers yous, that he'll make an extra $100. If I understood correctly, otherwise... I'm confuzled :p



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draconum has got it exactly

im always around, lurking in the background of Davids great site


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Yea um, adsense is great. I helped a community game possible by refering them to it. I don't use it mainly because, to use it you need a site to do traffic to make the money. But thats a nice thing. When I open up my business I willl get a website and I intend on using adsense. I know a guy who IS MAKING money of running a BF2, CS:S, and CS:CZ server with adsense by putting it on his fourms, webpages and etc. Adsense covers the cost of everything onn top of couple extra bucks.