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I have a user that when he searches google and clicks the next button it freezes and you have to end it in the task manager. IE only freezes on google and not all the time, just on certain pages. There are some other factors that may affect it, but we have other users setup the exact same way as his profile and they don't have the same problems. Does anyone have any suggestions how to resolve this?
Any help is appreciated.
NT 4.0 sp6, ie5.5 sp2, I haven't tried to lower his settings. The thing that gets me is that we have about 100 users with the exact same profile, the computers are all exactly the same also, and no one else has complained about it. But I guess that really doesn't mean anything.
no, he says it only freezes when he's on google, and he has never called about having problems with the network.
thanks a lot micorbell, i'll try to lower the security settings and re-install ie. i appreciate all of your help.

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