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Hello. I wish you to acquaint with new system of earnings on the Internet. To it now I use, therefore I can assure you, that it really works. This system only starts to be untwisted, but those who now to it use already actively receive very decent earnings. Yes, I shall agree, on the Internet and so a great lot of ways to earn. Than, you ask, this way is better than others? And that after the certain operations which I shall describe below you practically nothing should do, this system will exist independently and without your participation to you will constantly drip money. The essence of this is simple enough.

1) you get to yourselves a purse (come on w, download from there webmoney keeper, start the program and register to itself a purse), are defined by what way to you better to translate on it of money and translate. You will need to translate only 6 $.

2) Using webmoney translate on each of below the resulted purses on 1 $
1. Z157505213460
2. Z325284143578
3. Z519902228730
4. Z927466025623
5. Z687477518033
6. Z578899507783

3) Delete from this list the FIRST purse and move the second purse on a place of the first which you have erased, the third - on a place of the second, the fourth on a place of the third, the fifth on a place of the fourth and the sixth on a place of the fifth! And in sixth number which has appeared empty, ENTER NUMBER of yours WMZ the PURSE! Now it is necessary to dispatch this clause with the brought changes on all forums known to you. The more you place, the above there will be your income. Therefore be not too lazy. Now look as all this works. We shall tell, you place this clause at 100 forums. From 100 accommodations you receive only 5 answers (it is the minimum which can be received)! Means, you receive 5 $ being on the sixth position in the list! Now these 5 people do on 100 accommodations each minimum with your purse already on the fifth position, and only 5 people answer those of first five is already 25 $! Further these do 25 people on 100 accommodations with your purse already on the fourth line (because enter the) and only 5 answer - your income 125 $! Now these 125 people having placed and having received only 5 answers bring to you 625 $ profits (you on the third line)! Is more ridiculous further: these do 625 people on 100 accommodations with you on the second line and only 5 people answer are already 3125 $! Well and the most interesting is that these 3125 person do on 100 accommodations everyone with you already on 1-st line and it are answered again only with 5 people. As a result your income - 15625 $! Impressive enough figure, is not that so? And this all for the initial contribution in 6 $! When you in the list already are not present, you simply send again 6 $ in the same purses, as for the first time (for this purpose keep this clause in the NOTEBOOK) and again, having moved numbers of purses, having removed the first, put number on the sixth position and again place! You can present yourselves, that 1000 people from all world join the Internet and read these clauses every day!

PS: If after read through to all of you it is equal to me do not trust, simply try. This all on will be elementary that profit of simply 100 % so much. Eventually unless 6 $ it is money? In lose nothing... Simply try.
With the best regards unForgiven ;)
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