Good SLI or Crossfire Motherboard

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On paper the X2900XT looks as if it will blow the Ultra out of the water but it doesn't do just that.

I think SLI 8800GT's vs Crossfire X2900XT's would be very close but since the 8800GT is so close, even if the 2900XT's were a tad faster which im not so sure if they are anyway the 8800GT's are a better buy.


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doesn't hurt to wait a week or 2 for HD 3850 or HD 3870. Should be priced well since nvdia already made the drastic move with the 8800GT


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you also for got the 975x chipset which supports crossfire, or in the case of my motherboard, both...


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i have an Msi 975x but thats my brothers computer.

Bought it off of Nos in fact..

I use the Abit AW9D-MAX which, using modded drivers can run Sli in addition to natively supporting crossfire.


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no just Crossfire:

p35-ds3p for Intel Crossfire

650i/680i for Intel SLi

idk for Crossfire AMD

570/590 for AMD SLi
which i really dont get, amd shoulkd have purchased nvidia, allthoiught that would been much harder then purchasing ati, plus why the **** is intel still making chipsets that support its competiro, why not just team up with nvidia, thatd blow ati/amd out of the water, alltho i do like the fact that nvidia makes chipsets for amd, because amd chipsets blow and only support, crossfire.


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Ok i got my SLI setup going and scored 18k with it in 3dmark06, but at the moment, not a single game im playing has required me to turn it on. Maybe once crysis releases and supports sli i'll have to turn it on, but playing hellgate london and tabula rasa at 1920x1200 and max settings im getting 45-50 frames per second which is more than enough to be buttery smooth for an MMO.
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