Good price range for the geforce4 ti(4600) ?

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I paid 225 for mine, seems to be between 175-250.
is it worth to wait..

Is it worth to wait for the ati radeon 9700 pro to drop a little of price or is it best to just get the 4600 now? i currently own a geforce 2 mx400 so i dont know maybe i should get it..
well what do you think..
coming from that card, the difference will be mind blowing. The ATI is performing better in benchmarks, but im an Nvidia man all the way.
The Radeon 9500's a reasonably good buy for now; has somewhat of a GF4 Ti 4200 level performance, and more feature rich than all GF4 cards. Might want to check it out.
If you didnt read my 9500 pro thread already, I would go with the 9500 the Ti4600 in most benchmarks and you can probably find it cheaper.
Have used Ti4600 for 6 months. It is stable and no frames dropped on DVD's. You really need to use its DVI outut to and LCD monitor (prices reducing fast).
Nvidia all the way. Awsome in gaming. Ti4600. ALso u can use the dvi port ( get a DVI -> VGA) and use dual monitors.

When ure getting a GeForce4 Ti 4600, see if ures mobo is compatible, I already fried two (2) Ti4600, then changed to a different brand.
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