Good / Free MMORPG or Minecraft like game???


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I have been very bored lately seeing how there are no good new games and Minecraft is currently boring. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good and free MMORPG or Minecraft like game? i have played runescape and i did not like it along with e.v.e and l.o.l. any suggestion would be greatly accepted. :) Thank you :p


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Well it's not free but i'm sure it's very much liked...

tried World of Warcraft?

£8.99 for a month of game time is hardly extortionate...


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It's the only MMORPG that satisfies my love of the 'fantasy' MMOs.

Eve never did it for me either, neither did runescape.


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Garry's mod is a $10 sandbox game similar to Minecraft but far more advanced. It is really fun.
Not quite what you are looking for however "league of legends" is also a fun and free game you could try.