good design?


Daemon Poster
if you want to step up your level of web designing, design the entire website in photoshop. And just slice it, then code it in dreamweaver. The result will be a much more aesthetically pleasing website. Thats what I, and most of the webdesigners i know do.


In Runtime
First things first... find a good free host without adds. (hard to come by... but look around... or setup your own box) Second... while the site looks very good for first time in dreamweaver and an amatuer site much better than the junk I see made in word or frontpage I would also recommend you start playing with photoshop. The whole site in photoshop may be a bit extreme for a beginner... but play around with making buttons and different graphics... and then eventually just slice up photoshop. That'll give it that "professional feel" that you probably feel is missing. Good luck!