Good Deal????


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ok so recently i bought some parts for my new computer on newegg. I am not sure if it was a good deal. Final price was 1522.11. Thanks for the help.

AMD 3700+ San Diego-$323
ASUS Delux Socket 939 pin nvidia nforce4 SLI amd mobo-$161
BFG oc6800gt-$356
1 gig xms corsair (3-3-3-8)-$142
Maxtor 250gig SATA 150-$120
Antec NeoPower ATX 480Watt-$99
Thermaltake Tsunami atx case-$104
Sony dvd-rom drive-$25
Sony dvd burner-$45


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What you have is the makings of a first class gaming computer that will last you for quite some time...and would probably run you into the $2500 to 3000 price range if bought as a unit from a branded retailer.
While the prices of newegg are sometimes not the lowest around...they maintain a good reputation of keeping them lower over all than other web sites..Couple that with a first class rating of dependability of shipments and service....yep you got a really good deal.


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thanks for the help! The next problem i have is the assembling of the rig. Ive never put together a full rig or installed many drivers/OS. Im thinking i may just go for it and use the internet to help put together the parts. the cheapest place around charges $100 for full installation of parts and drivers/OS. it seems like a rip off! any suggestions???


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mathias, don't worry about assembling, as many of the folks around here would say 'its like lego, everything fits in its own space', Just take your time, take breaks when your doing it and READ any manual that will help you in the assembly, such as the motherboard manual which will instruct you where everything should go.
If you experience problems, give one of us on here a shout we'll offer all the help we can!