good choice of upgrade?


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so i want to upgrade my CPU, but then i thought about it, and i dont really get high clocks when i upgrade.
so i was thinking of getting this
and OC my 4800+
but the question is, is buying this better than buying the 5400+ BE or even the 6000+?
and how high of clocks do you think i can get up to?
right now i am running at 2.5Ghz, and i can make it run up to 2.7Ghz with stock cooling.


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I'm currently seeing 3.014ghz with the AM2 6000+ X2 here run strictly stock. I stuck a Zalman CNPS9700 blue led model cooler on top and called it a day when first putting this build together.

It certainly made a large difference moving up from 2.2ghz on the last build to a 3ghz model now in use. Everything saw a general overall improvement without fuss.

The idle temp for the 125w model is about 36-37C until running a game or another app and then seeing about a 3C temp drop. And that's coming up on the 1st year mark shortly. The 6400+ X2 was nowhere to be found when ordering the 6000+ which sees about a 200mhz increase for the fastest stock model AMD has out at the present time seeing 3.21+ghz there.