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Change log for 2.1.2:
[Fix] The application was not working properly when multiple users are logged in simultaneously
[Fix] Danish translation was not working
Thanks a lot to all translators:
- Japanese by wwwcfe
- German by Ufuk Yilmaz
- Dutch by Enzo Lima
- Spanish by Sergio Portillo
- Swedish by J.D.
- Traditional Chinese by L.H.O.O.Q.
- Simplified Chinese by idreamxis
- Russian by Кирилл Путинцев and Daniel Yermolchuck
- Polish by lgenio8
- Hungarian by Nagy Norbert
- Danish by Simon Jensen
- Brazilian Portuguese by Marcos Pulido
- Italian by Daniele Bemportato
- Portuguese by Peopleware Team
- Hebrew by Shasoosh
- Turkish by Emre Akkas
- Arabic by Bashar Kokash
- Estonian by Vahur
- Romanian by Oana Ilyes
- Slovenian by Robert Koritnik
- Serbian by Марко Кажић
- Bulgarian by Yavor Atanasov
- Czech by Aleš Chadim & Adam Křička
- Lithuanian by Tomas Dabašinskas
- Greek by alucard von kain
- Catalan by Thorec & Marc Carnero
- Serbian (Latin) by Dražen Milovanović
- Finnish by Oula Lehtinen
- Croatian by Karmela Meštrović
- Norwegian by Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen
- Latvian by Mārtiņš Lapsa
- Ukrainian by Eduard Pelesh
- Belorussian by Иван Александрович
- Slovak by Milan Regec
- Azeri by AzeriFire
- Persian by Hadi Es
Change log for 2.1.1:
[New] Added new translations: Czech, Lithuanian, Greek, Catalan, Serbian (Cyrillic & Latin), Finnish, Croatian, Norwegian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovak, Azeri & Persian
[New] Added a donate button in the About screen as requested by some people
[Change] Removed broken auto login function and reverted to the original mailbox url mechanism until a fix is found
[Fix] The application can't be maximized anymore using Win+Up
Change log for 2.1:
[New] Added new translations: Hebrew (with right-to-left UI), Turkish, Arabic (with right-to-left UI), Estonian, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian & Bulgarian
[Fixed] Updated mail counter overlay to be more readable (finally!)
Change log for 2.0.3:
[New] Added new translations: Danish, Italian and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)
[Fixed] Localization of the tooltip for the "Previous" and "Next" buttons was not loaded properly
[Fixed] Error message when launching another instance of the application
Change log for 2.0.2:
[Fixed] Custom sound location was not saved properly when your settings file was originally created by version 1.2 or below
[Fixed] Settings window sometimes failed to open properly
Change log for 2.0.1:
[New] The application is now available in 12 languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Thanks to all translators!
[Fixed] Crash when you receive a mail with no subject
[Fixed] Overlay icon was not restored after explorer.exe crashes
[Fixed] Custom sound selection dialog would appear when re opening the settings window if no sound was selected
Change log for 2.0:
[New] Multiple accounts support A default account can now be set. It will be used when clicking on "Compose mail" or "Go to your inbox"
[New] Customizable sound notification
[New] Removed glass effect from mail preview for more usability
[New] Supporting up to 99 mails
[New] Switched to the recently released Windows 7 Code Pack v1.0 (Windows 7 specific features should be more stable)
[Fixed] Crash when moving to the next mail when there are more than 20 mails
[Fixed] Automatic login not working when password contains special characters
[Fixed] Crash when settings were transferred from another machine

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