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Anyone here good at GIF editing?

I have been wanting to re-color my Avatar for some time, more specifically, to the new ravio blue color scheme! Anyone who does this would get major KUDOS from me and a spot in my sig for a while giving credit to the artist!!!

Anyone who wants to try a hand at it and thinks they can keep the quality nice while making it a wite/shades of blue and black dragon, please feel free!
unless per say... You have all of the frames of your animated gif, and you could email them to me. Then I could see what I could do with them. Send them back to you and you could load them back into your animation software and create the animated gif??
Yea I just checked, that will split it, lemme know if you need anything else.
This is turning out tougher that I thought, maybe when i get home i'll see what i can do....
I can add more color, change them to darker colors. If you want me to try something else let me know.
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