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I am trying to create a network boot disk using the wizard that is provided for you with Ghost 7.0. I am usin the drive map portion of it not the peer to peer wizard. After i accomplish making one it seems to load all the correct drivers and such on boot. I get to the log in portion and type my user name and password. After a few seconds it tells me that i am logged in but i have not been validated by a server. I am almost positive that i have all the coorect info in the protocol.ini and network.ini files. Any one have any ideas? I have working on this all day and it is driving me crazy!!!!!!


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I have used a product called "omniclone" as opposed to ghost, and I have had the same issues, I have used Ghost, but not for a looong time,,, licensing became too costly,,, regardless,,

I found that the clone copied not only the image but the SID of the client, in other words,, the same user SECURITY IDENTIFICATION,, was cloned to all HDD's,, i had to manually go in and change a number of network settings,,,

unless the account has UNLIMITED logins, you may connect , but not get authenticated for access due to security settings on the account,,

just a thought,,

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