GF4 Ti 4200 Running in PCI Mode

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I just built a new system around an msi 875p neo and nvidea is reporting that my xtasy geforce4 is running in pci mode. ive enabled agp in the bios and cant find anything else in the bios that may be defaulting the card to pci mode.

any ideas?

you prolly tried already but and i'm totally guessing...

VIA AGP to CPU driver? dunno...shot in the dark
Usually in this case, it can be directly related to the motherboard chipset, as you should keep the latest version of chipset drivers at hand, and it always helps to keep the motherboard's BIOS, as well as the Detonator drivers up to date.
yeh, its the brand new intel 875p chipset btw. currently running v41 detonator and latest chipset drivers. gonna go update the detonator drivers tonight.

is there anywhere else you can set the agp mode or is it set by default? (guessing this might depend on chipset too though...)
go into your start menu, and click on run then type in "dxdiag" without the " marks. When the direct X diagnostics window comes up, click on the "Display" tab. Check to see if your AGP is disabled, and if it isnt, run the test.

Id like to know your answer :D please reply
i forgot to add, that when i built my computer, the same thing happened to me, but it turned out there was an "agp fix" on the motherboard cd which i had to install for the mobo to recognise the agp capabilities.
thanks for all the help! especially the dxdiag tip - anyway it all came down to resinstalling detonator and mobo drivers. i think reinstalling the mobo drivers did it though. anyway my cards runnin at 4x agp now (like it should)

thanks again!
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