GF4 MX440SE 64mb Problems

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I just bought a 2nd hand gf4mx440SE AGP 64mb and when i install the drivers, in the nvidia properties it states that it is only a 32mb card. I have tried the following and my computer specs are.

Eagle Geforce4 440MXSE 64mb AGP
p3 733
Eagle motherboard (old) 3+ yrs
384mb sdram
Windows XP Professional

Things i have tried
Using the latest nvidia dets and previous ones
Changing the Acpture size(or similar name) in bios to 64 and 128
Formatting :p
Removing all the PCI devices to avoid IRQ conflict
Searching the web for similar problems

- the agp is running at x2 due to baord limitations could that be the reason?
- would the bios drivers make any difference?
- saw the card working fine in 64mb on different pc
- when i boot up it says 64mb card

Thanks for anyone that can help
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