Getting rid of history...for good!!!!

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How do I get rid of history ....completely....for good? Going to internet options and deleting history there only deletes the drop down arrow. However, if you type the right letter of a site you have visited it is still in there. For instance, if I am buying my wife a gift from Neimans (yeah right) and I delete history it wont come up if you hit the little arrow. However, if she comes in and accidently types www.n it will automatically show Niemans website. How can I get rid of the sites for good?
go to internet options > content tab > autocomplete > and turn off and clear forms and web addresses.

All set.
Good try but that didnt work. Still get sites with just the first letter typed. Any other suggestions?
Thats how to do it. If you do it right they will remove.
well,were talking about IE right?because it its a different browser then it will be a different issue.
well assuming that you have unchecked the use autocomplete for Web Addresses and it still didnt work,may i know what version of IE are you using?
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