getting a refund for non working software possible?


Daemon Poster
so i paid for the full year of IPvanish service
first year it seemed to work good and didn't crash(too often)
this year it crashed and left my traffic exposed randomly
also screwed up my dns settings
and in general just did not work at all
i contacted their support few times but they were unhelpful just sent me bunch of generic "self help" useless pages to try
i told them exactly what is happening and they kinda just ignored it until i eventually gave up.
so now im stuck with a non working VPN that i don't even use.

anyone dealt with this kind of issue and is it possible to get a refund from them so i can buy a working VPN service that doesn't fail constantly and leave me exposed?

it crashes on both my home pc and laptop.
the only one that doesn't crash is my cellphone but i don't need it on my phone i just have it because its available as an app

i updated it and reinstalled itn multiple times
reinstalled fresh windows etc. tried everything i know and still same issue. crashes, freezes and screwed up router and network settings where i have to reset dns and restart my router to get it to work again