Getting a CS degree at 30???


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So to give you guys a backstory: I'm 27 years old pursing a CS degree and working at a grocery store part time. I was wondering if is getting a CS degree at 30 considered too old? Also will tech companies just turn me away if they see all I have is customer service experience at a grocery store?


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Nothing wrong with that at all. I didn't start working on college for IT until I was well into my thirties.

And funny that you are working in a grocery store working on your CS degree. I got my AS in IT and now work for a company that services cash registers in grocery stores. If we needed someone else in your area right now I would definitely want to talk to you about it, but we're good for now... at least until our national customer goes live in the SouthEast. Toss me a PM and I will send you a link to the company and let you see if you would be interested.
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