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I know some others have posted similar topics, but I want to know as much detail as I can before I make my decision.

I am definetely trying to decide between the ATI All in Wonder, or the new NVidia Geforce FX, specifically.

What I want to know is, what problems has anyone had with either brands, (compatibility with wide range of games, performance, etc.).

My old computer has a Voodoo3, so I don't own an ATI or an NVidia card.

Which one do you recommend? Or am I pretty safe going with either one, and I shouldn't be concerned?

If either one will be a safe bet, which one is better? I've looked at the specs for both, and they are both so close its hard for me to tell.

Feel free to use any detailed technical jargon, because that's the stuff I am wanting to know.

Also, I know they are both new, so I may not get much feedback, but any information will help.

I want to know how happy you are with your card, either brand.

Edit: Also, if any of you know of any other forums that would be wise to post this topic to, please let me know.
Well, here is my take on it. The 9700 seems to be a pretty stable card. But ATI is infamous for having driver issues. So that stability might go bye-bye, everytime you do a driver update.

Nvidia is the market leader and there cards have been tried and true as well as their drivers. I am waiting for the Geforce FX.
its simple go with the all in wonder if you are going to be doing alot of video editing, go with the geforce if you are going to be doing alot of gaming.
I have only seen one benchmark for the geforceFX, and it was a prototype that was used, in comaprison to the ATI 9700 pro (not the all in wonder). The FX beat it in just about everything by a slight margin and I think it would be safe to say that those results will improve after nVidia spends some time on the drivers.

However, ATI is throwing a new card into the fray. They are designing a 9800 model to directly compete with the geforceFX. So it may be too soon to tell which one is "better" although both are fantastic cards.

A side note, if you are going to be using the card mostly for gaming forget about the All-In-Wonder. That is a multipurpose card and it is out performed by the Pro model. So in a comparison of the geforceFX (prototype model) to the ATI 9700 pro...the numbers are very close at the moment.
Thank you all for the replies! It most definetely helps, and your information was exactly what I was looking for!
if you ever want to do video editing.. Asus has a nice tv card out for about $60 at
comes with tons of software, remote, adapters and all that.. plus it has a better resolution than the ATI does.
I think ATI can only do 640 x 480 and the asus card goes a little bit beyond that.. cant remember what the number are on it.. check it out at if your interested enough.
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