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Hello readers,

Today I purchased Mechwarrior 4. I installed it and everything, and clicked on "instant action".

Once in the game thousands of different coloured triangles flickered on the screen, instead of what should be there (landscape, and a view out of a cockpit of a mechwarrior).

This also happens, but not as much, on delta force land warrior, and fifa 2002. I believe it is a problem with lighting transparency, vectors etc ?

I have just finished downloading and installing the latest nvidia drivers with no better result.

I have a Ti4200 GeForce4 64mb DDR graphics card, 512mb DDR RAM, 1800+XP Athlon, Windows 2000, and am using directX v8.1

These pictures show what I am seeing. (Bear in mind that the print screen feature takes away some of the triangles)

This image shows what its like at the worst of times

This image shows what it is like at the best of times

Every other game apart from the three listed above work perfectly.

If you know of any fix for this, or any help. it would be greatly appreciated.!

the different detail and resolution settings i have tried.

no errors on dxdiag at all, as i said, every other game works perfectly aside from those three. e.g. i can run max payne full detail 1280 resolution with no errors and no lag.

the detonator drivers are the latest ones. version 41.09. the maker of my geforce4 is triplex.

and why are you being sarcastic about "and those images are unexceptable to you" ? my answer to that is hell yes. how can I play the game when I cannot even see anything ?
If it is alright with you, update to DX9.

You may also check your BIOS setup and try disabling any 'problematic features' such as sideband addressing and try lowering your aperture to 64 MB if you haven't done so - and see if it has any effect.

Download the latest 4-in-1 driver set if you have a VIA chipset motherboard, as well as the AMD processor fix for Windows 2000 (downloadable from AMD's site)

As a last resort, this actually may sound crazy, but it worked on my friend's GeForce4 Ti 4600 with flashing texture problems under the 42.xx and above driver sets - go into the display panel, select your card's tab - and set antialiasing settings to 'no antialiasing' or force a certain level - leaving it to 'application preference' caused some problems.
thankyou for your pointless and pathetic replys DeveloperX and MicroBell. they really put me a step closer to solving this problem.

i have put two more screenies below after disabling anti aliasing, downloading the agp patch for win2k (registry entry), downloading and installing the 4 in 1 drivers set, and could you please explain "aperture" and why i need to lower it to 64mb when my card is ONLY 64mb, not 128.


thankyou for your pointless and pathetic replys DeveloperX and MicroBell. they really put me a step closer to solving this problem.

Chill man, they are just havin a little fun with you. These types of problems are gonna happen as long as windows exists. You need to learn to laugh at it.

If you have a fit everytime something doesnt work on your computer your gonna have a heart attack at an early age.

People who know the answer will post it, the others poke fun, but its not intended as anything but.
is it safe to say i wasnt going nuts? its called sarcasm, and ive been around forums as long as i can remember and im just getting to that stage where spammers and pointless posts annoy me, especially when you get emailed per reply.

i hope you can understand where i am coming from.

Update: Just been in bios, changed aperture to 32mb!! it was on 64, no change. And there is no feature called sideband addressing.
1) Don't change the AGP aperture (amount of system memory available to the graphics card) to anything below 64 MB, unless you have less than that amount of RAM - generally set it to 1/2 your system RAM (e.g. if you have 256 MB, set to 128 MB, etc.), but 64 MB is pretty safe for now.

2) Some features may not be found in the BIOS setup; it generally depends on your motherboard and whatever revision of the BIOS you're using.

3) Try using a 3x.xx driver set (30.82 being the latest of the series and most stable) - you may sacrifice some of the extra performance, but it usually means better compatibility.
GeForce, the 30 series was the version of drivers I was using before updating to the 40 series.
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