Geforce4 MX 440 DDR Overclock.. to the max!

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Well here it is..
Rember.. Default speeds are 270(Core)/and 405(Ram)


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i cant set up same as u got
cant set up so high
i got inno3d tornado geforce mx 440 with orginial driver from included cd
haha, cool, i have a inno3d tornado geforce 2 mx, and it is one of the most stable cards in have used.
It was a 'modified' Visiontek... originally comes with only a single stock HS. Quite surprising overclock; never was able to even hit 50mhz memory speed on my GF2 Ultra. :p
VisionTek.. All i added on was a fan.. and it's not even screwed on.. it blows air in my cards direction
due to the 0.25um manufacturing process for the TNT2's (0.22 for TNT2-A models), i don't really think such an overclock that high is possible.

I have a Geforce 4 MX420 64mb DDR card, and would like to know what I can do to improve its performance.... Any ideas would be great. Can you also tell me whether the over clocking of a graphics card will shorten the 'life' of this equipment ??? Currently I have downloaded drivers from Nvidia relating to 2000/XP - this is a newer version than that on Windows Update, but this has yet to be qualified by Microsoft. Driver is a 'beta' ??? but this has already improved performance / quality loads


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