Geforce2 MX-400 issues

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I have a GeForce2 MX-400 video card. The bad part is that it doesn't work. Well, I guess it KIND OF works. It performs all 2-d smooth as silk, but any and all 3-d applications (mainly games) my whole system freezes up and requires a hard reboot. I have the newest drivers (as far as I know), the latest XP Pro service pack (i run XP Pro, obviously), and i'm almost positive that no ESD has come to my card. I happen to have two of the same type of card, and even tried swapping them. The problem was still identical. My system is a P3 550 Mhz. If you hav any ideas for me, please help. I've tried everything in my power.
Sounds like a heating problem to me.

What company makes it? Or, more to the point, does it look like it has a pretty crappy heatsink/fan combo on the chip? Does it have any RAMsinks on it? If it doesn't look like this...

then you probably will need to mod it, sans the badass red coloring.

If that is the case and you'd like some suggestions on where to start, reply and I'm sure you'll get a couple responses. :)
well... i have no freakin idea when i actually bought it. so i am at least going to try to suck some life out of the lil fagot. but yeah, i've screwed with it all day and can't get it to work right. so i'm just a wee bit pissed.
Try using 41.09 or 30.82, unless you are already using either of those driver revisions. Try downloading any updated drivers for your motherboard chipset if you haven't done so already.
new day, tried new things, still the crap for brains card won't work. i tried the fan. it didn't work. i've got the newest driver (40.72), still doesn't work. and i still can't find out how to update my motherboard chitset. HELP ME!
very odd.

in order to update the BIOS of your motherboard, you must go to the manufacturer's website and download the new BIOS and a flash utility. it usually comes with pretty good documentation on how to do it.

if this doesn't work, it may be time for an RMA. ^_^
right off the bat, this thing is an emachine :(

TriGem Systemboard, BIOS version 1.0 (i think)
Pentium III 550Mhz
eMachine case
ESS Canyon 3D 2
Jaton Geforce2 MX-64 (64 meg, driver version 40.72)
some crappy monitor that will only get 60Hz refresh
Win XP Pro version 2002

more to come, if i ever care again
oh yeah... i have 256 meg RAM and i just found somethin that said my systemboard on does 2X AGP. but the card is 4X. help any?
flamingocen said:
my systemboard on does 2X AGP. but the card is 4X. help any?

That's like tryin' to fit a circle in a square hole right there. Or..something like that. I would say get a new motherboard with 4x (or 8x even better) support. You know, just get a whole new freakin computer if you have an emachine!!!!!
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