Geforce Mx440 Problems

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My Geforce MX440 is making noises when running 3d programs when an another music program is running with it.

just as when I run my 3d aquarium screensaver while winamp is playing., it makes noises, scratch sounds. in both XP and 98 OS

my mobo is soltek with amd 500mhz processor
Sb Live! SoundCard

I've tried from the oldest to the newest NVidia drivers, and also Oldest to latest Via drivers too but same problem.

Can anyone help?
making noises inside the software or OS. I have no problem with speed though...
you might have a bad ground that is being fed back as static through your sound card,,

check the grounding on the case and the outlet/power bar that you use for wire breaks , etc..

It could also be a bad component on one of your cards,, video, sound, Nic, Modem ..

anything getting power,, that is starting to go,, the resonating happening in the possible "dying" part,, will begin to Whine as the frequency becomes more established,, as the whine increases(in pitch),, be prepared for failure,,,,

Just some possibles on WEIRD noises

Check your sound card to make sure it is not sharing an IRQ with another card, also make sure it is in the PCI slot farthest away from your video card. Also, check this Creative Labs site for more info: Creative Tech Support
Yes, I have already tried them all, but same problem, I updated the all drivers. I even updated my Bios

if I use an old driver for my Nvdia Geforce MX440 27.20, I have no problems at the sound. but another problem instead: there are times that I go to blue screen with my Xp and says my nv4_disp.dll OR win32k.sys caused the problem.

I tried from 27.20 down to the latest version but only 27.20 doesn't cause any noise but on the other hand, another problem Im facing with it.
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