Geforce FX 5600 clock problems

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Alright, here it goes. I just purchased a Gainward Geforce FX 5600 video card. After installing it, it seemed to be slower than my GF3 ti200! I downloaded and installed 3Dmark03 and ran the benchmark, got 2098. I didn't test it with the GF3.
My system is an Athlon 2600+ on an Abit NF7-s with 512mb of ram, running WinXP. According to 3DMARK my VGA clock is running at 100.3 and VGA core clock is running at 50.1 (xpertool shows them at 300/400). It also shows the total AGP memory as 0, though local video memory is 128 and total is 166.
It also shows my mobo settings as (rate) 8X (4X enabled), aperture size of 0B and fast write (disabled). I looked at my cmos settings, and I am running 8X, 128mb aperture, and fastwrite enabled.
I tried advancing the speeds on the memory card too, got to 315/420 and 3Dmark showed 104/60.
The setup guide for the video card says to skip the step where you hook up the external power connector, and I did not see one anyway. I am running an enermax 300W PS.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is driving me crazy.
BTW, yes I am using the latest drivers and bios for the card, and I have updated the bios on the mobo.
14 for the 2.0 board. I have no problem with system stability, computer hasn't crashed once in the last month. I am using the latest 3Dmark03 v 320. All games except the first one drag at like 12fps. Playing freelancer it seems slower than my GF3 ti200, and dungeon siege is about the same.
I fixed all of the mobo problems by reinstalling the Nforce drivers, now all that is showing wrong is the clock memory speed and core speed. I will have to look into a bigger PS though, I am running 2 HD's, CD-RW, DVD, SB Audigy....
You are running the same mobo on your old comp as I am, though I am running a not overclocked 750. It is so darn slow compared to this fresh pony here, even with the clock speed problem. But hey, it has been running strong for 2+ years...can't complain.
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