GeForce 9800GT (ASUS) driver installation problem

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Recently bought a new card Nvidia GeForce 9800GT (ASUS).

I have googled this problem but no luck.
I can not install its driver. Driver installation goes till the half and PC freezes. When I reboot PC again it freezes also. Without installing driver VGA works without freezing. Then I turn PC on safe mode remove the driver and install the latest version of it downloaded from the official web site of Nvidia. It doesn't help also, can someone point me the way I can take to solve the problem?
Updated Driver for chipset on motherboard, also has no effect

MB: MSI ms-7519 P43 Neo (has one PCI-E slot)
RAM: Kingston 2GB
HDD: Seagate 500 GB, SATA
Power Supply: 450W, Huntkey
Monitor: LG W2234S, 22 "
DirectX 9.0c
The power supply has enough wattage, probably not enough juice. The name isn't familiar to me, maybe an off-brand.
Huntkey is popular outside the U.S.

This is a quote from HardwareSecrets review

"This is probably the worst “branded” power supply we've seen in our life:

* Its wires are thinner than required (20 AWG vs. 18 AWG).
* It can't deliver its maximum labeled power (450 W), being in fact a 360 W unit (the labeled 450 W is peak power, which can only be pulled for a few seconds).
* It explodes if you try to pull more than 80% of its load (360 W).
* It doesn't offer any kind of protection (or it wouldn't explode).
* Its efficiency is very good (i.e. above 80%) if you pull up to 60% of its maximum load (270 W), but if you go over this it drops below 80%."

I would upgrade that Power Supply.

No power protection. It EXPLODES when you pull more than 80% peak power, and it has thin wires.

To be honest, I think you should be glad your 9800gt didn't work. This power supply might have killed your motherboard, AND video card if that 9800 decided to start sucking power.
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