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I have decided to maybe buy a geforce 4 TI 4800 but the only thing that is really holding me back is that my cousin put one in his computer and his computer wouldn't start up. He put his old video card back in and it worked just fine. Then he put the ti 4800 back in and his computer wouldn't boot up. He tried this with several different ti 4800s and all did the same thing. He finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't getting enough power so he put a 650 watt power supply in his computer and it worked just fine. Are all ti 4800s like this or would a 400 watt psu power it just fine. I really don't want to get a new psu so if that is the case then i can count that option out.
I've had a Radeon 9700 Pro work in my system (400W PSU).. and that card is very power consuming. Maybe the power supply was faulty or of very low quality. The GeForce line is pretty power-hungry, but in most cases, even a machine with, say a 200W PSU can boot up with it, just the questionable part of being stable.
What kind of power supply was he running when it was giving him problems?

Also, did he have alot of other things running at once, like alot of fans or lights or multiple drives?
He had an enermax 500 watt power supply. He has a cd burner, two pull out drives, a cd rom, a newq sound thingy
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