geforce 4 doesnt work at all!

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Argh Please Help! i just got a new geforce 4, and i installed it right, but when i turn it on, then simply nothing happens, i get no monitor activity at all. everything works fine with my tnt2 riva. please help! Im using Xp, i've got 1.1gig processor, and 256 ram.
Be sure your power supply can supply enough juice to the card - 300W max. will usually do, for a quality PSU.

If you have tried re-seating the card, as well as your RAM modules, try taking out every card except for the GeForce and try it from there - if it still doesn't, then there's a case of an electrical short on the board.
its weird actually, recently my computer decided that i didnt have a riva tnt 2 at all, and it doesnt show a display adapter in the device list. Everything runs exactly as normal though! it wont detect it either, my computer is just uber tempermental. i didnt think i'd have to uninstall it, as its the same driver back anyway, right? any more help would be Greatly apreciated.
Fdisk, Format, Re-install, Do-Da Do-da, Fdisk, Format, Re-install, all the do-da day.
i'll try the taking everything out but the card idea i guess. i've got 300w power supply, so that should be fine. i really don't wanna format and re-do everything, i've got so much i don't wanna lose... my computer isnt even giving me a display adapters choice in device manager, is that linked?
You Should get a monitor signal when you first install, make sure that card is jamed in all the way!
My computer doesn't didn't detect my g-force video card either. Not until I installed the software that it came with, did the computer see it..
k..i have know have it working, like it is actually displaying stuff now. but windows won't recognise that i have it, i simply have no display adapter in the windows device list. within display properties etc, its simply as 'Vgasave' with no driver update option, just current status and a startup type option. i really have no idea whats going on. i've installed the nvidia xp driver pack and its made no difference. thanks for your help so far guys, its truly appreciated..
Help, I have the same problem

I have the same problem, if anyone have the answer please tell me.
Ecniv said:
Fdisk, Format, Re-install, Do-Da Do-da, Fdisk, Format, Re-install, all the do-da day.

SO TRUE! :laughing: LOL.

The universal solution to EVERY problem your computer might have, except of course for a computer recently thrown out the second story window. ;)
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