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what is traditional gaming technology.

can you please tell me the best place to find out more about the diffent gaming technologies, for example cloud gamming
can you please tell me the best place to find out more about the diffent gaming technologies, for example cloud gamming

Cloud Gaming

After doing a bit of googling, it seems that OnLive is the only person that is developing that. To my understanding of it, it's gaming online via dummy terminals. Where traditionally you purchase a game install it on your own computer, cloud gaming is where you are have some sort of VPN connection to another PC or Server. It's doing all the processing where the only thing that your computer is going at your end is putting a picture on your display and sending command back to the server.

OnLive makes a lot of claims. Ones in particulare are
OnLive: Overview
Any game, instantly
No big download or installs.

High octane games in HD
No high-end hardware required.

State-of-the-art gaming
Always the latest titles running smooth as silk.

This is suppose to be going live on June 17 2010 (Great, same day as my birthday, No i don't want an onlive account) and in all honesty when I hear about OnLive, I always seems to say "I will believe it when I see it"
And here we go when we read the faq.

OnLive: FAQ
What if I want to play OnLive on my PC or Mac—what are the minimum specs?
Since the game is running in the OnLive data center, our system requirements are pretty low. All you need is a PC running a current version of Windows XP®, Vista®, or Windows 7®, or an Intel®-based Mac running a current version of OS X®. Although OnLive has found that most computers with at least a 5Mbps wired residential Internet connection are sufficient for HD-resolution, many factors affect network quality and computer performance, including other application using computer resources, and other users sharing your network. As part of the registration process for OnLive, you will be sent a performance test to run to see if your computer and network configuration are sufficient to run OnLive.

I suppose with the way you are talking about Cloud Gaming and Traditional Gaming Technology, i am going to assume you are wanting to be talking about the methods of playing a game where the the software is installed on your computer. Whether this be installing from disk or downloading from Steam. At the end of the day, you are looking at the game client physically being on your hard drive.

In all honestly, OnLive can talk big all they want about being the future of gaming. However firstly the service is only in the USA. I might take off in places like Asia or Europe where they have the infrastructure that can support that sort of bandwidth, not to mention the polutation to make it profitable. However i don't think we will see it down in the Ociania reagions.
And secondly, i find that I get a lot of people on forums (TF and other ones) complaining about how they can not justify spending a $15 access fee just for an MMORPG, let alone a gaming service.
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