Gaming Server


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I was looking to set up a dedicated or local gaming server from my house.. Few things i need to know.

Requirements for a decent rig?
hd speed

Cable Speed?

OS to run?
Linux or Windows 2008 core or something else

What's entailed in setting it up to run the game like CS or L4D?


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Is this so you can play on a LAN or over the internet?

If it is over the internet I suggest you be careful because your ISP more than likely doesn't allow you to do this, and if they catch you using a lot of bandwidth they could shut your service off.


You can find a solution at - this company offers servers for any purposes, in offshore countries and US, allowing anything, and offering large cselection of specifications.


I just recommend you to check dedi solutions from They have them a lot and you are able to choose what you need from them taking into account their low cost services.


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I have heard that has well-trained technical support which is always ready to explain the customers everything they need to know. I am sure that their dedicated servers meet your requirements and budget. They also offer the second month free.


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There are really great offers for gaming servers from - the company offers really low-cost dedis and VPS where all gaming needs are supported. They have stable US, EU and China-based datacenters, so You can vary the choise depending on the audience.


As you may know, there are many companies in the hosting services market, but not all of them are trustworthy. I highly recommend you to contact support staff of the company you are going to host your game and ask them. As a matter of fact, have a look at dedicated server offers and if you don't know what configuration to choose, their skillful staff will find the most suitable for your game.