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Hey, i'm new to these forums and looking for some help with a gaming PC. I'm no computer wiz by any means but i quite enjoy my computer games and after realizing my little laptop just can't hold up to the quality of most of today's games i decided to upgrade. Like i said i'm no computer wiz so i don't now what is all out their on today's market and what is the best bang for your buck. i have had a couple suggestions from friends and reading around the web on what would be good for a CPU and graphics card.

What i want out of the computer is pretty simple, i play lots of online games from battlefield 3 to starcraft 2 etc, and i want to be able to run these games at nearly the highest graphics i can with little latency. Other then that it'll only be used for music, and browsing the web from time to time. I plan on running the computer through my TV and playing it off of their. I am a student so my budget isn't unlimited and only want to spend between $1,000-1,300.

I was looking at a computer build site and came up with something like this:
CPU- Intel Core i5-2500k
Motherboard- Asus P8z68-v LX
RAM- Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
Graphics card- AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB
Power supply- 700watts XtremeGear SLI/crossFireX ready power supply
Hard drive- ??
Optical drive- Sony 24x double layer dual format
Sound Card- Creative labs sb X-fi Extreme 24-bit PCI

- $1,196 is what i'm being told this will cost (with case)

Like i said, this is just what i build on a site that i will most likely order from, i'm just curious if this will fit my needs? if not what would be the best changes? is their anything else i should include? or am i just completely on the wrong track and could you show me where to begin. I don't really want to order all my own parts and put it together myself, like i said this isn't my area of expertise.

Thanks alot guys :angel: and bit of information you can pass on would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.


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That video card, that cpu, and that much RAM is plenty for gaming. You can actually get by with less expensive components than that and not have issues.

That's being said thats an excellent processor and video card. You have some very high end parts there.