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Well I got some birthday money to spend, and I've decided to get a good monitor instead of messing with overclocking yet. I'm not too worried about price range, so whatever you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Any explanations of things I should keep an eye out for, or what specs really matter would help me out a lot.

Basically I just want a really good gaming monitor that will last me a while. I'm currently playing World of Warcraft, but I do play things like Crysis and whatnot, so I'd like it to be able to get the most out of games like that.

I'm clueless about what makes a good monitor, so any advice/recommendations would be helpful.
Well what's in your rig? If you've got something on the lvl of the gtx 275/HD 4890 or better, you'd want to go with something 1920x1200 (24") or something 1080p (21.5" or bigger mainly). If your graphics card is weaker, get something 1680x1050 (22"). Samsung makes good monitors, but there are other decent brands too.
I have a EVGA GTX 260 SC Edition graphics card, and an i7 920 (if that matters at all). Not sure what else would affect graphics, but I will be getting another GTX 260 soon for SLI, so I'd like to purchase my monitor with that in mind.
Get a model from the samsung P series. They are great for gaming since they have the lowest response time and great picture quality. The p2350/2370 (23") is 1080p and would be a great buy. Some of the benQ monitors are pretty good aswell i think
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