Gameplay seems to "fast forward", what could this be?

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When I play certain games I get an inconsistent frame rate. My computer is more than capable of handling these games flawlessly, but sometimes the video "jumps" or goes very fast for a short time intermittently. This is very disruptive and interferes with gameplay.

I have a Dual Core AMD 4400+ and a GeForce 7900 GT with a typical 19" LCD monitor. It's hard to do Google searches and such on this topic since it needs a description of sorts. So I've come here seeking some help with this little problem.

Games that this happens on include Chronicles of Rid****, Enclave (these two are both developed by Starbreeze) and today it was the Stubbs the Zombie demo.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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You might try seeing if there's any way to enable a frame limiter in these games, that might help you ought. Thre must be an .ini file you can edit to enable it.
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