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Holy cow; did not think I'd be back on this thread again.

I'll try not to talk about the trainer anymore, since that's a grey area you'd rather stay out of.

Besides, in addition to the game freezes/ crashes I mentioned previously, I also noticed during the game's movie cut-scenes that the audio was out of sync with the video (character's lips not matching up with what's being said aloud); evidently, this was common, as I found plenty of listings for this bug on a 'Net search.

Well, like I mentioned in my last post, Amazon does accept returns on DVD ROM games, so I've already gotten/ printed their pre-paid postal mailing label, affixed it, and the package is en route; my credit card account amount should be refunded soon.

But check this out:

Let me say up front, that sometimes certain postings can help people out; not just fellow posters here on this forum doing a search, but also just people in general; they could be doing a general Google search, and one of the results of their search from a key term could lead them here to this forum. Information can help lead to an informed decision.

So, even though I've returned the game for a refund, I've still got this Steam account & login. Even leading up to this time of the return, I had been on the SteamPowered site many times, and I noticed something which, I found out from perusing their message forums, has been going on for a while now.

How long? If I had to make a "guess-timate", I'd say for close to a month now.

What I noticed is - and also confirmed by reading recent posts on their forums - is that there does not seem to be a way to directly contact Steam/ Valve Support.

There used to be a way: Separate from your regular Steam login credentials, there was a way to create a Steam Support Account....but not anymore; it doesn't exist.

From some 'Net searches, there are articles out there on how to create a Steam Support Account, and it even includes screen shots/ screen captures on what it looks like and on how to do it. But if you go to Steam's current site as of this date, it does not exist anymore.

Usually most web sites have something on it, a link, to "Contact Us"; even the Techist site right here has a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the web page :lol: But not Steam; they have a "Support" link at the top of the page, but clicking on that does not take you anywhere where it's possible to contact them; it's like they want to be unreachable. Weird.

I tried some 'Net searching to see if there was a way to contact Steam/ Valve; my search did not yield a positive result.

And then.....I happened to go to the Better Business Bureau's web site, and did a search for Steam/ Valve. I found them! And it gives their postal address; they're in Washington State.

And oh boy. You know how the Better Business Bureau gives ratings from "A" to "F"? Valve (Steam's) rating? Uh-oh; it's an "F".

And look, I realize that you can look up just about any major company, whether they provide a tangible good, or, provide a service, and you can find people complaining about them; you can't please all the people all the time.

I was here:
Valve Corporation Review - Computer Software Publishers & Developers in Bellevue, WA - BBB Business Review - BBB serving Northwest

I was clicking on the tabs of Overview, Complaints, and Customer Reviews. Ouch. And there are recent posts logged there. How recent? Today's date, 11/5/16!! And then right behind that, in October of 2016.

After perusing some of these consumer's posts, know a common item that popped up in a lot of them? The same thing I just mentioned here: No way to contact them directly and communicate with a human being. People are mentioning that there's no e-mail link to contact them, no Support Account to be created, and no phone number listed to call them.

And from reading some details of these people's postings on, another common thread amongst them is that resolution to their logged complaints took a long time to resolve. Perhaps this is yet more evidence of them not being properly staffed to answer people's queries? As also in no "Contact" links on their web site?

Yes, they have lots of message forums on their site, and maybe sometimes even some kind of forum Mod visits there to answer queries, but sometimes you just want to contact someone directly that works for the company (either Customer or Technical Support).

Holy moly. Boy, I tell ya; like the saying goes: "The more you know..."
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